Medical foot care Edmonton

Looking for Medical Foot Care?

We offer assessment and treatment with our specially trained LPN.

Medical foot care for everyone.

What is Medical Foot Care?

Medical foot care is a specialized treatment provided by a License Practical Nurse (LPN). At River Stone, our LPN is fully trained to provide comfortable and safe medical foot care. 

Medical foot care may be required by anyone with the following conditions:

• diabetes
• arthritis
• decreased mobility
• high blood pressure
• poor circulation
• chronic diseases
• poor dexterity
• tough, thick or ingrown toenails
• foot deformities
• corns and callouses

Can Anyone get Medical Foot Care?

Yes! Some people prefer to get medical foot care instead of a standard pedicure to ensure their feet are healthy. An LPN is highly trained at improving the overall health of your feet while meeting the highest safety standards. Our LPN will create an individualized treatment plan for your ongoing foot care routine. If you suffer from any of the conditions above, our medical foot care services can improving your quality of life and relieve your discomfort.