• Are NPS covered by Alberta Health?
    At present NPs are not covered under Alberta Health, but we are expecting this to change soon.

  • Is there any funding for Nurse Practitioner Clinics from the Alberta Government?
    At present, no, but representatives are working with the government to achieve funding models for this type of clinic.

  • What constitutes a family?
    Families are up to 2 adults and dependants under 25 years of age.

  • When can I book?
    We are now taking new members and bookings! Please call or email us to receive a membership package or to book a Meet and Greet with our NPs.

  • Is my personal information protected?
    River Stone NP Clinic adheres to Alberta’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). The details of PIPA can be found here

  • What if I would like a chaperone during my visit?
    Our LPN and MOA are both trained as chaperones and are available for you if needed.

For more detailed information please view or save this FAQ document.

River Stone NP Clinic FAQs